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My goal is to provide you with all sorts of great info and insights on persuasion … creativity … copywriting … marketing … direct response … self-development … and anything that helps you be more successful—personally as well as professionally.  (That sure gives me a lot of leeway, doesn’t it?)

Since this is a blog, I guess I should also tell you some of what I’ve been up to lately…

Just got word that a magalog I did for Boardroom/Bottom Line Books has successfully launched yet another book:  Breakthroughs in Natural Healing.  Look for it in your mailbox soon.

(What? You’re not on Boardroom’s list? Shame on you—it’s one of the best, least expensive ways to get a direct mail education.

Go to, buy a book or start a free trial subscription and you’re in.

This summer, I took a wonderful trip to Europe with my family. I got to meet up with two copywriting buddies—direct marketing legend Drayton Bird in London (we discussed both working for Ogilvy & Mather long, long ago) and Agora copywriting superstar John Forde in Paris (our families enjoyed brunch together at a Paris café and then went to a très fun amusement park).

My kids were very impressed that I knew someone in every city we went to, and therefore believe I must know someone in every major city of the world.  (Far from true, but I do have copywriting and marketing friends in quite a few of them.)

I recently completed a consulting gig for an amazing company called Lifebook, helping them with their sales letter, Web site and marketing.

Lifebook is an absolutely first-class self-development company that holds transformative four-day workshops in a beautiful facility in Chicago. Detached from the demands of your professional and personal life, you’re free to spend four days reflecting on and documenting your life, your beliefs, your goals and your dreams, and leave with a record and plan (your Lifebook) of how to make that vision come true.

Of course, before I could work with Lifebook, they wanted me to go through the program.  I must admit, I was somewhat apprehensive about the idea of four days of reflection and what I thought would be mere “goal setting.” But it was light years beyond that and turned out to be a joyous, inspiring and life-changing experience that continues to positively impact my life every single day. If you’re what Lifebook calls “a committed seeker” and are seriously interested in finding out what you really want out of life and how to get it, you might want to look into Lifebook (

One of the things realized I realized is that I want to do less writing and more teaching. So I’ve been busy getting this blog and website, and working on some exciting new copywriting and marketing programs I look forward to telling you about soon (if you’re not already getting emails from me, make sure you’re on my VIP notification list in the upper right hand corner of this page.

And now, it’s your turn… What would you like to hear more about from me?  What would help you in your business and in your life? Or just let me know what’s on your mind in the comments section below. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!