I got a ton of great feedback from my post about making copy more 3-dimensional.

One reader even said they were going to print it out and pin it to their wall! (That made my day.)

So I wanted to do a short follow-up and tell you about a quick and easy way to instantly add two dimensions at once to your copy: emotion and personality.

Just use high-emotion words that express how the person sending the email, signing the sales letter, or narrating the video is feeling.

Such as:

“I really love it when…”

Or: “I sure hate it when…”

Or: “Nothing makes me angrier than…”

Or: “Personally, I find it very embarrassing when…”

This lets the reader or viewer know there is a real person with real feelings behind the copy.

And we’re much more interested in – and moved by – feelings and emotions than by thoughts and logic.

Happy dimensioning!