9 Dimensions of Copy

If you've seen my recent posts, we’ve been talking about ways of adding dimension to copy.  And Alessio Cozzolino asked me a very good question on Facebook: "What exactly are the most important dimensions of copy?"  Here are some I believe can transform your copy from flat and boring to 3-dimensional and compelling.  Emotion – Talk about or evoke love, hate, anger, joy. Emotions [...]

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How to Fix Flat Copy — Part 2

I got a ton of great feedback from my post about making copy more 3-dimensional. One reader even said they were going to print it out and pin it to their wall! (That made my day.) So I wanted to do a short follow-up and tell you about a quick and easy way to instantly add two dimensions at once to your copy: emotion [...]

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How to Fix “Flat” Copy

A writer messaged me the other day in frustration because they were told their copy was “flat.” And they were stumped about how to fix it. I told them not to panic—all they had to do was to add more “dimension” to their presentation of the problem, the solution, and the benefits. Which makes the copy more understandable, more interesting, more impactful, and more [...]

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Pitchman Secrets

I did an interview recently with David Garfinkel in which we did a deep dive into a long-time fascination of mine: pitchmen. Look, in times like these especially — and I hope you’re doing well and staying safe – you may not want to SOUND like a pitchman. But you do want to THINK like one if you want to write great copy at [...]

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The World’s Most Interesting Copywriter

Early in my direct response copywriting career I was fortunate to work under one of the greats: Jim Rutz. Jim was one of the most in-demand copywriters in the world. Clients would wait up to a year for him to put his pen to work for their products. That’s why he was able to charge some of the highest fees of any copywriter — [...]

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Why your copy may fail in 2020

Have you heard the bad news? A few years ago it was discovered that most people have the attention span of a goldfish. But that’s no longer true! According to a new study done by Microsoft, the goldfish now have us beat by a second. That’s right, the study concluded that the attention span of a goldfish is 9 seconds – while people generally [...]

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Why Are You Making Copywriting So HARD? Use Your Inner Persuader

What happened to you? As a baby you were one of the most persuasive beings on the planet. Out you popped from your mom, a dripping-wet, wrinkled, bawling mess. And yet somehow you had managed to persuade people to love you, feed you, clothe you and change your diapers. Masterfully, you alternated goo-goo-eyed baby charm with attention-getting cries at precisely the right pitch and [...]

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Please Read This First

Hey, thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. Whether you came by link or by search… …whether you’re a current or aspiring copywriter, marketer, entrepreneur, creative thinker, or none of the above… …I’m darned glad you’re here. My goal is to provide you with all sorts of great info and insights on persuasion … creativity … copywriting … marketing … direct response [...]

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Unleashing Your Unlimited Potential

  Moshe Feldenkrais was a groundbreaking teacher of human potential and  mind-body development. Moshe Feldenkrais – Credit: H. Czelczok His revolutionary system of mind and body “re-education” for stressed and dysfunctional brains and bodies has achieved miraculous results for thousands around the world. He has some fascinating insights for anyone interested in achieving all they’re capable of. He says that there is [...]

The Illusion of Talent

Inborn talent is finally being exposed as an illusion. The good news now is that anyone acquire talent. The bad news is, it takes some effort. And it has to be the right kind of effort. Books like Talent Is Overrated, The Talent Code, Bounce and Outliers all agree that what really matters is the amount and quality of your practice. More practice is [...]

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