It seems like the idea of “10x-ing your business” is 10 times more popular these days.

And rightfully so – it’s a great mindset to have.

But it’s also a great way to think about writing copy.

Don’t settle for incremental improvements.

However deep you think you need to go in researching your market and prospect, go 10x deeper.

However much excitement and conviction you have about the product, generate 10x as much.

However much proof you have to support your claims, go get 10x as much.

However big a transformation you plan to say the product will make in people’s lives, make it 10x as life-changing.

However awful you plan to say their life will be without the product, paint it as 10x worse.

However much urgency you think there needs to be, make acting now 10x as pressing.

And however big you think your big idea needs to be, make it 10x as big.

As Leo Burnett said, “When you reach for the stars, you may not quite get them, but you won’t come up with a handful of mud either.”



P.S. The hardest – and most rewarding – of these is coming up with ideas that are 10x bigger.

Two ways to do this are: 1) Simply to come up with MORE ideas (10x more, of course). And 2) come up with more variations on your best ideas, trying each time to make it bigger and bigger.

Another way is to watch the free sample video from my new course on how to come up with more and better ideas.

Ten times, of course.