How to Fix Flat Copy — Part 2

I got a ton of great feedback from my post about making copy more 3-dimensional. One reader even said they were going to print it out and pin it to their wall! (That made my day.) So I wanted to do a short follow-up and tell you about a quick and easy way to instantly add two dimensions at once to your copy: emotion [...]

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Copy & Design: What’s Working Now

How do you communicate with prospects and customers in times like these? How do you write and design your communications to strike the right tone AND get maximum results? I recently did a presentation with Lori Haller, a top direct response designer and strategist, on what’s working in copy and design right now. I’m sure you realize how important it is, in these anxious, [...]

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Ray Edwards is unfair

When it comes to getting people to agree to an interview and prying their best secrets out of them, Ray Edwards has an unfair advantage. He’s one of the nicest, friendliest, most down-home guys in the business. So naturally I agreed to an interview. And naturally, he was able to pry out of me my NINE secrets of succeeding as a copywriter in today’s [...]

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How to Be Smarter…Instantly

The most interesting and most successful people I know are smart. The best writers I know are frighteningly smart. So being smarter and raising my IQ has long been a goal of mine. Some say you’re stuck with the neural cards you’ve been dealt. But I’m convinced that intelligence can be increased and IQ raised. Increasingly, researchers are, too. Here are some ways to [...]

Unleashing Your Unlimited Potential

  Moshe Feldenkrais was a groundbreaking teacher of human potential and  mind-body development. Moshe Feldenkrais – Credit: H. Czelczok His revolutionary system of mind and body “re-education” for stressed and dysfunctional brains and bodies has achieved miraculous results for thousands around the world. He has some fascinating insights for anyone interested in achieving all they’re capable of. He says that there is [...]