Copy written by the legendary Jim Rutz was like popcorn.

So buttery, salty and delicious that if you just take one taste, before you know it you’ve consumed it all.

It didn’t just keep your interest – it made you hungry for more.

One day I asked him what his secret was.

How did he use to keep the reader devouring his words?

I wanted to know his techniques.

Instead he told me about how he used to sell Amway products door-to-door.

And when he sat down with people, he could see in their eyes when they got bored.

So he would say or do something to get their full attention back.

He said when he writes copy, he pretends he is sitting across from the prospect.

And he never wants to see that look of boredom in the prospect’s eye – that he lives (and writes) in mortal terror of that.

Of course, I was disappointed that he didn’t reveal some cool techniques for making copy more interesting.

But I realized over time I got something much greater: A mindset for making copy more interesting.

Today when I write, I see the prospect across from me, about to walk (or click) away… on the verge of boredom.

I try to constantly write in a way that will KEEP them watching or on the page, and from ever having a look of boredom cross their face.

And I live in mortal terror that he or she will stop reading my copy, click off the page or throw my magalog in the trash.

Which forces me to constantly inject my copy with clever turns of phrase, and with ideas, words and subject matter that are fresh and new – not the same tired copy they’ve seen a hundred times before and will see a hundred times again.

Read your copy over. Watch your prospects as you do.

Are they walking away? Checking their phone? Dozing off?

It’s very hard to sell prospects if they’re no longer there – literally or figuratively.

Don’t serve them plain popcorn.

Keep their attention with copy that’s buttery, salty and delicious.


P.S. What’s your favorite way to make your copy more interesting? What makes copy interesting to you? Comment below and let me know.