About David L. Deutsch

David L. Deutsch is a world-renowned direct response copywriter, marketing strategist, author, and copywriting coach. In addition to creating winning promotions from scratch, he often works with clients and writers behind the scenes to turn under-performing promotions into winners.

David started at Ogilvy & Mather on Madison Avenue, working with clients such as Merrill Lynch, General Foods, and American Express.

He then switched to direct response, where he has generated a billion dollars in sales for leading direct response marketers, entrepreneurs and publishers, including Agora, and Boardroom Inc. (now Bottom Line Publications), for whom he has had as many as six winning “controls” at once.

David supervises, coaches, and trains writers and copy teams both in the U.S. and around the world (including Germany, China, Singapore, England, Columbia, and Romania).

He is the creator of the A-List Copywriting Secrets course, in which he reveals the secrets that have enabled him to sell over a billion dollars of his clients’ products, author of Million Dollar Marketing Secrets as well as Think Inside the Box!, an acclaimed book on generating ideas. He has also written a memory course and co-authored a guidebook to Bermuda.