If you’ve seen my recent posts, we’ve been talking about ways of adding dimension to copy.

 And Alessio Cozzolino asked me a very good question on Facebook: “What exactly are the most important dimensions of copy?”

 Here are some I believe can transform your copy from flat and boring to 3-dimensional and compelling. 

Emotion – Talk about or evoke love, hate, anger, joy. Emotions immediately give your copy more depth.

Personality – We feel we know the writer of the copy or the characters in the sales message.

Believability – Trust, proof, credentializing elements.

Sensory – Sight, sound, taste, touch. Help them really experience the benefits of your product – or the consequences of life without it. 

Interest and curiosity – Keep them wanting to know more.

News – People want to know (and pay attention to) what’s new, what has changed.

Numerical dimensions – For example: “90% improved significantly. That’s 9 out of 10 people!” Or… “The stock went up 100%. Investors doubled their money. Every $1,000 they invested turned into $2,000.” You can also make comparisons to give numbers more impact. It’s one thing to say that 2,353 people die each day from heart disease. But it really drives the point home to add that it’s like five fully loaded 747’s plunging into the ocean every day.

Change of perspective – This is a little advanced but can be so powerful. There’s a lot to be gained simply by shifting the point of view. For example, don’t just talk about results – talk about others observing those results. The classic example of this is for an anti-aging cream: “Your friends will accuse you of having had a face lift.”

Historical – Jim Rutz was great at adding a historical dimension to copy. He would say things like: “Not since the mid-Nineteenth Century, when the medical community ridiculed Ignaz Semmelweis for daring to suggest handwashing could prevent infections, has there been such a simple, lifesaving breakthrough so ignored by the medical establishment.”

Can you think of more dimensions of copy?

Please comment and let me know!