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Hey, thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. Whether you came by link or by search… …whether you’re a current or aspiring copywriter, marketer, entrepreneur, creative thinker, or none of the above… …I’m darned glad you’re here. My goal is to provide you with all sorts of great info and insights on persuasion … creativity … copywriting … marketing … direct response [...]

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Stop writing… start talking

Peter Fadeyev, a writer with a corporate background, sent me some copy to look at the other day. He’s experienced at writing but not necessarily at copywriting. So his copy, although well-written, was not yet good copy. This is what I told him… You write well but you rely on that too much. You put words together nicely – they sound like copy is [...]

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I got a lot of great feedback from last week’s post about making copy more interesting. And some great suggestions on how to do it. Dr. Stuart C. Marmorstein likes keeping it conversational, using questions, story, and completing the circle (as he points out I did by starting and ending with popcorn). James Lang is a fan of self-deprecating humor. (Personally, I’ve got lots [...]

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Best Copywriting Exercise (not handwriting)

Writing out great copy by hand can do wonders for improving your copywriting skills. But something I learned from John Caples in an obscure article he published long ago in Printer’s Ink may be even better. And that is: Take a piece of great copy, study it, outline it, and then, only referring to the outline, attempt to recreate it (or parts of it). [...]

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Why you need more bad ideas

The simple secret to coming up with lots of good ideas is to come up with lots of bad ones. That’s because coming up with bad ideas gets your brain going. And they create a kind of raw clay from which to shape great ideas. So if you need to come up with a great idea, try starting by coming up with lots of [...]

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How to 10X Your Copy

It seems like the idea of “10x-ing your business” is 10 times more popular these days. And rightfully so – it’s a great mindset to have. But it’s also a great way to think about writing copy. Don’t settle for incremental improvements. However deep you think you need to go in researching your market and prospect, go 10x deeper. However much excitement and conviction [...]

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Want prospects to devour your copy?

Copy written by the legendary Jim Rutz was like popcorn. So buttery, salty and delicious that if you just take one taste, before you know it you’ve consumed it all. It didn’t just keep your interest – it made you hungry for more. One day I asked him what his secret was. How did he use to keep the reader devouring his words? I [...]

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How to Write Faster

Everything else being equal… the faster you write, the more money you make. Or, the more time you have to do other things. Here are some things I’ve done to put the pedal to the writing metal: 1. Write every day – Writing is a muscle. It gets stronger with use. When you do it every day it’s easier and flows more quickly. 2. [...]

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How to boost response (without changing a word)

You can spend months working on your copy. But if it’s poorly presented, fewer people will read (or watch) and respond. If it’s well presented, more people will read (or watch) and respond. That's because done right, design attracts and keeps attention, involves and engages, and propels prospects toward the action you want them to take. Want to see how today’s top direct-response designer [...]

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To sell more…get off your heels

I first met John Carlton a few decades ago, when I was invited to be on the faculty of Gary Halbert’s infamous seminars in Key West. The sessions invariably culminated in nocturnal revelries through the streets – and, most importantly, the bars – of Key West. I learned a lot from the legendary Gary Halbert. But I may well have learned even more from [...]

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Fastest road to copy success

I’ve probably read a hundred books on copywriting. And taken dozens of courses on copywriting, persuasion, and anything else I thought could improve my writing. But you know what's the one thing that has helped me the most by far? Talking to, getting coached by, and having my copy reviewed (a nice way to say “torn apart”) by great writers. Like Rutz. Carlton. Halbert. [...]

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