I’ve probably read a hundred books on copywriting.

And taken dozens of courses on copywriting, persuasion, and anything else I thought could improve my writing.

But you know what’s the one thing that has helped me the most by far?

Talking to, getting coached by, and having my copy reviewed (a nice way to say “torn apart”) by great writers.

Like Rutz. Carlton. Halbert. Abraham. Kennedy. Punkre. Makepeace.

Those are the times my eyes opened and my writing transformed.

That’s why I’ve included coaching sessions as part of my new A-List Copywriting course.

It’s where you’ll have a chance to ask questions, get copy reviewed, and hear me talk about advanced techniques that go beyond even what’s in the course.

After you get the course, you’ll see instructions on how to join the calls.

Here’s where to go to find out more about the course, and watch the free lesson on coming up with ideas.

Hope to see you there.