got copy?

For years the American Dairy Association tried to drum into consumers’ heads that “Milk Does a Body Good.”

The results were bad.

Then, a brilliant ad campaign playfully promoted milk by reminding us of how awful life is when you run out of it.

“Got milk?” it asked.

If not, that peanut butter sandwich just sticks to the roof of your mouth.

Those chocolate chip cookies aren’t nearly as delicious.

And your bones waste away for lack of calcium.

Likewise, great copy is felt most keenly by its absence.

Without it, products and services don’t become powerful brands.

Impressions don’t become leads. Leads don’t become sales.

And your bottom line wastes away for lack of customers.

I’ve spent the past four decades making sure companies “got copy” – powerful, compelling copy that has made my clients hundreds of millions of dollars.

By writing it myself.

By guiding, coaching and mentoring my clients’ freelance and in-house writers.

And by training writers and marketers in the U.S., Europe and Asia in the power of ideas and words.

It all started on Madison Avenue, where I learned the art of “classy hard sell” under David Ogilvy at his renowned ad agency, Ogilvy & Mather, Inc., and I left Madison Avenue to become a born-again direct response fundamentalist.

I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies, street smart entrepreneurs, and many of the major book and newsletter publishers such as Boardroom (Bottom Line), Agora and Rodale.

I’ve sold everything from Maxwell House Coffee to an Encyclopedia of Estate Planning, and every type of publication and health supplement you can imagine.

If you aren’t satisfied with the copy you “got” now (or, if you’re a writer, are writing for your clients), don’t just stand there watching the competition pass you by.

Let’s get to know each other.

David L. Deutsch

David Deutsch - Lennon Wall - Prague
David Deutsch - Lennon Wall - Prague
David Deutsch - Lennon Wall - Prague

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