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25 Responses to “VIP Subscribers”

  1. Jack Booman says:

    Hey David,
    Just for your info, the submit button didn’t work for me. Thot I’d get taken to thank you page or confirmation page, but it just removed my name and e-mail address and left me here on the same page.
    Nothing came thru in e-mail or got caught in spam filter.
    Jack Booman

    • Jack you’re caught in a loop. The page you were on IS the “thank you” page. That’s the page I sent in the email so you could download the report (PDF link at left).

      That box offering the report if you give your name and email with the submit button probably shouldn’t even be on that page, since anyone who sees that page either just submitted their name and address, or, like you, was given the link to the page as a gift because they’re already on my VIP list.

      Anyway, sorry for the frustration, and thanks for signing up. Repeatedly. ; )

  2. Derek says:

    I’m getting the same. Clicking the ‘Get Instant Access’ button simply brings me back to this page, and I can’t download it from the pdf link below the book image either.
    Is it possible to send the link direct to my email address sent with this reply?

    • Derek, link is to the left of the image, the the one below. Please try that one.

      It seems to be working, but if it isn’t for you, let me know and I’ll send you the PDF directly.

      Filling in name and address takes you back to the same page because this IS (hopefully) the thank you page with the download link.

      Thanks for persisting!

  3. Bruce says:

    David, I just scanned A to Z. I’ve seen several other summaries and yours is the best I’ve seen. It really got me fired up to write.

    Thank you!


  4. Hi David

    Great report and definitely an introduction to copywriting for any novice, such as myself ?)

    Thank you so much for the report. I am delighted to have it.

    Big thanks

  5. Philip says:

    Thanks David, great summary.

    A question: how do *you* balance hype with the need to be sensitive to the fact that people want information & have huge BS detectors? This has always intrigued me re: copywriting.

    • Good question, Philip.

      One thing is to give good information without hype and BS.

      The other is to build enough of a bond and trust that you can “sell” just by offering, not pushing so hard.

      Another is to get people excited and motivated in the same way hype and BS can with genuinely exciting and motivating information and offers.

      And another is to present and write in ways that excite and motivate them without hype and BS. For example, not relying on adjectives like “amazing” or “exciting” , but write in a way that the prospect is amazed and excited.

      Trouble is, of course, you have to work a bit harder to do that. And maybe know a bit more. But it can be an interesting experiment to try as an exercise writing without adjectives and adverbs and see what you have to do instead to convey what’s usually conveyed by hype.

      • Philip says:

        Thanks David, very interesting strategies.
        If you have a minute, please expand on that last experiment you mention, esp. with regard to “O for Overboard” – I’d love to hear your thoughts on that!

        • It applies the Overboard principle because you’re going overboard in the opposite direction of hype, by deliberately creating the constraint of leaving out adverbs and adjectives.

          It may not be exactly the kind of copy you want to write, but I guarantee you’ll learn a lot from doing it, and you may find yourself writing with LESS adverbs and adjectives in the future.

          Let us know how it goes.

  6. Bob Richardson says:


  7. Kevin Dawson says:


    Thanks so much for sharing your inner thoughts and methodology.

    I found the entry on “Mindset” intriguing. Too often I catch myself in the mindset of “persuading” the prospect… how I’m going to get them to buy the product, instead of thinking of myself as an enthusiastic friend, genuinely trying to help them.

    This is HUGE.

    Thanks again.

  8. Hi David,

    Great report! I especially liked the R=Royalty segment. I think far too many marketers & copywriters forget that one.

    You’re the best!


  9. Simon says:

    Thank you, David – just what I needed, and when I needed it.

    Yours, leaping overboard …


  10. David,
    What a gift! Your A-Z ebook is such a great powerful yet simple guide to good copywriting. An easy way for me to remember what counts. I particularly like Energy, Action and Quash Objections. I’ll be working on keeping my brakes off for the first draft – even when I’m wrangling with FDA regulations in writing about supplements!

    (And you can use this quote as a testimonial :)

    • Thanks so much!

      I hope everybody’s noticing, as you are, Sarah, how I keep asking if I can use the things people say as a testimonial (the good things, anyway). Always be on the lookout for and collecting good testimonials for your clients — and for yourself.

  11. David, thanks so much for this great guide! This is a big help for me in being more aware of the message I send with my writing, and the alphabetical concept makes for easy remembering. Nice work. (feel free to use as a testimonial)

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