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Creativity Test

1. Do you often find yourself breaking rules?
Do people sometimes ask whether you think the rules don't apply to you?
2. Do you ask a lot of questions?
For example, do you pepper people with questions to find out about their lives?
3. Do you seek out new experiences?
More than most, do you love to try different types of foods? To go places you’ve never been?
4. Do you have a great sense of humor?
Do you laugh at jokes at your own expense? Do you find humor in situations others may not?
5. Do you often find yourself daydreaming?
Do you often stare into space or out the window? Is this how you often come up with ideas?
6. Are you more fearless than most when it comes to failure?
Do you look at failure as learning on the road to success?
7. Are you a “people-watcher?”
Do often just sit and watch people go by and how they act? Do you like to overhear real-life conversations?
8. Do you seek out others to collaborate with?
When faced with a challenge, is one of your first thoughts to find out who can help you with it?
9. Are you considered “a bit different”?
Do people sometimes call you “different,” "unusual" or even sometimes "weird"? Do you often have a very different or unique point of view?
10. Do you have a systematic way of coming up with ideas?
When you need an idea, do you have a process you can immediately put to work?
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