What They’re Saying About David Deutsch…

Below are just a few of the testimonials my clients and colleagues have written about our working relationship:

“David Deutsch is one of only a handful of A+ copywriters in the country.

“His copy is always a work of art… every headline, sentence and word is where it is for a reason… he just ‘gets it’ like so few have ever gotten it.

“He can write it, tell you why he wrote it that way, and teach you how to write it (if you have the curiosity and the attention to detail he has).

And then he can do it all over again and beat what he wrote in the first place.

“Now that’s an A+ copywriter!”

— Brian Kurtz, Executive VP, Boardroom Inc.

“You write well.”

— David Ogilvy, Founder, Ogilvy & Mather

“David and I have worked together on and off for more than 15 years – on newsletter promotions for everyone from Richard Simmons and Dr. Joyce Brothers to Louis Rukeyser.

So I expected the recent eBlast he did for Stephen Leeb’s high-end trading service, The Aggressive Trader, to do great. But it has even exceeded my high expectations and resulted in a fresh burst of profits from this product!”

— Jeffrey Greenberg, TCI Enterprises

“I know and have worked with most of the very top direct response writers in the country. But David’s professionalism, creativity, versatility, and, most especially, the results he consistently achieves for his clients, elevate him to a very special place in this pantheon of creative talent.”

— John Finn, Copywriters’ Agent

“With the explosion of the Internet and email, there now seems to be thousands of copywriters offering their services. Few are reliable, and only a small group are true masters of the selling process across all media. David Deutsch fits that last category.

If I had to hire a copywriter to ‘make or break’ my business, I’d be on the phone to David immediately.”

— Bob Serling, President, Idea Quotient

“If you can afford ‘the big guns,’ I’d encourage you to call David Deutsch.

”He writes killer copy for the best known, biggest newsletter and book publishers in the country—one of the most difficult and fiercely competitive markets there is.

David consistently has at least two winner/control pieces mailing out millions. If you could use that too, and can afford to pay what it’s worth, call him.”

— Jay Abraham, Legendary Marketing Guru

“I must tell you that we are extremely pleased with the results of your copy.

“Your fee was an investment we didn’t take lightly. But now that our new, larger seminar has quickly sold out in advance at 250 attendees—bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars—we are pretty ‘bullish’ on your work.

“Working with you was such a joy and a relief. You are the consummate pro! Many thanks and I look forward to engaging your services again.”

— John Assaraf, author, The Answer

“I have been blessed to have relationships with some of the greatest copywriters of all time—and I still believe those who were forced to cut their teeth in highly competitive direct mail are a step above everyone else.

David Deutsch is one of the ‘best of the best’… his track record is legendary and he’s someone who’s made a huge impact on my career.”

— Anthony Flores, copywriter, Hollywood, CA

“David Deutsch’s copy is one of the best Blue Chip investments a marketer can make.

He has an uncanny knack for producing strong, profitable response rates on a consistent basis—and is able to keep a control working longer than anyone in the business.

If I absolutely, positively had to get a beat-the-projection return on a direct response project, he’s the writer I’d choose.”

— Jim Punkre, President of Brainstorms, Inc.

“David always pushes me to make my copy better, stronger, more compelling. He never lets me settle for ‘ok’ or ‘good enough.’ And, amazingly, I find myself and my copy rising to the challenge.

It’s like having your own personal Olympic coach whispering in your ear… Listen closely enough and you might just land that gold medal.”

— Marcella Allison, copywriter, Cincinnati, Ohio

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