Unleashing Your Unlimited Potential

Moshe Feldenkrais

Moshe Feldenkrais - Credit: H. Czelczok

Moshe Feldenkrais was a groundbreaking teacher of human potential and  mind-body development.

His revolutionary system of mind and body “re-education” for stressed and dysfunctional brains and bodies has achieved miraculous results for thousands around the world.

He has some fascinating insights for anyone interested in achieving all they’re capable of.

He says that there is no difference between “geniuses”—those who seem to have an exceptional ability in a given field—and the rest of us.

They are neither smarter nor or more “gifted.”

They have simply searched for and found (or stumbled upon) a way of doing something that works incredibly well for them.

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The Illusion of Talent

The Illusion of Talent

Inborn talent is finally being exposed as an illusion.

The good news now is that anyone acquire talent.

The bad news is, it takes some effort. And it has to be the right kind of effort.

Books like Talent Is Overrated, The Talent Code, Bounce and Outliers all agree that what really matters is the amount and quality of your practice. More practice is better. Much more practice is much better. And best of is practice that’s slow and deliberate, always challenging yourself to go slightly beyond your current ability.

So now you’re talented. Now what?

For as Calvin Coolidge said: “Nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent.”

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Eben Pagan interviews David Deutsch

Eben PaganJoin 8-figure a year Internet Entrepreneur Eben Pagan as he conducts a master teleclass with David Deutsch.

Eben is best known for his DoubleYourDating.com dating and relationship advice information marketing business which produces over 10 million a year in revenue.

The success of DYD led Eben to create several multi-million dollar information marketing and entrepreneurial success training / coaching programs, including Ignition, Get Altitude, Wake Up Productive, and most recently Guru Mastermind.

Eben Pagan interviews David Deutsch (MP3)