My name is David Deutsch…

I’m frequently referred to as one of the top direct response marketing consultants and copywriters in the country and I’m also the proud author of Think Inside the Box!, a critically acclaimed business creativity book that reveals a revolutionary new way to generate ideas.

My writing has sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of my clients’ products—which include everything from books, seminars, and newsletters to Maxwell House Coffee and Uniroyal Tires.

My advertising career started at the renowned Ogilvy & Mather advertising agency on Madison Avenue and I have the unique distinction of having been a Creative Director at both a traditional ad agency, as well as a direct response/direct mail agency.

I’ve worked with all types of companies—from Fortune 500 companies, such as Merrill Lynch, General Foods, and American Express, to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Today, I mainly write for and consult with companies who sell information and advice—in print, online, or through seminars.

In addition to Think Inside the Box!, I’m also the author of Million Dollar Marketing Secrets, as well as a powerful course on memory improvement, and was the co-author of a guidebook to Bermuda.


David Deutsch

David L. Deutsch

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